Get Citations right to rank your Site

Something that’s very important if you want to rank your landscaping business website is to have your citations correct around the web. Now, citations are basically mentions of you around the web. They’re not really backlinks, they’re more like just any kind of mention of you that has your business name, your business address, your business phone number. And we actually, there’s an acronym for that, it’s NAP, it’s name, address, phone number. And so I’m going to talk about why that’s important and why you need to make sure that your NAP is correct.

“So, what is NAP, and why do I care?”

So right here I pulled up a Google search which says, “Why is NAP important for SEO?” And it basically says, “Search engines won’t prioritize sites they don’t believe are legitimate. So NAPs are also important for SEO and local search queries because matching NAPs, or name, address, phone numbers, signals legitimacy and thus increases the likelihood that your business ranks well.” So we see this quite a lot where citations are not consistent for a website. So let’s take a look at a website here.

I typed in landscaping company Dallas and this is the first page of Google. And if I go down here and then click on the second page of Google, and we come down and take a look at this company right here at Now I plugged in with some of our tools and what I found is that sure enough, like so many companies that we see, it’s got a very inconsistent name, address and phone number. So here’s what this means. On Google, they’re listed as Roundtree Landscaping, on Facebook, it’s listed as Roundtree Landscaping Inc. Okay, that’s a different name, in Google’s eyes that’s a very different name. Down here I also saw, look at this, here in house, it’s got their address has got a period and then a comma, in most of these other places, it just has a comma.


Get citations right: don’t be this guy:


Google Hates indiscrepancies in Name, Address, Phone Number

Well, that little indiscrepancy right there, it’s going to cause a serious problem for this company to rank and that’s probably why they’re on the second page of Google. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful website. And then I haven’t done, this is not a client of ours and we haven’t done a ton of research on them, so I don’t know exactly all the details of their website. Then take a look at their phone number over here. So again, we’re looking at business name, business address and business phone number. You see how this is listed here with the parentheses and 214, but here it’s a +1 214, no parentheses. Over here there’s no parentheses at all, but there’s no +1. Okay, right here it’s 214 but there’s no space right here.

These all have to be precisely, exactly the same around the web. And so part of what we do is we go find where this company is listed on the web or your company and we clean those up and it literally oftentimes requires you to call these companies, like Yelp, it’s one company. Yellow Pages is another company that we literally have to call them and do a phone verification. But we’re going to go through and we’re going to clean up this name, address and phone number. Look here, this says TX and this spells out Texas. This has got their PO box a lot, their sort of suite number, most of the rest of these do not.

So that is exactly what I’m talking about with a very inconsistent NAP. It’s probably why this company is ranking on the second page of Google rather than the first, and no one’s going to go find them on the second page of Google. Okay, so that teaches you more about citations and NAP and why it’s important. And you know, if you’d like to discuss more about that and get in touch.