Google Adwords, One Secret Trick for SEM Campaigns!


oogle’s the big boy on the block. If you want to get seen online, you’ve got to know how to think like Google.

Can you guess what the most used search engine is? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with moogle! If you want people to find you online, you have to understand how to Google.

Search engine marketing campaigns are fairly easy to put together. Just because a campaign is active doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the results you’re looking for. Are you actually getting people to click on your website? Are people actually buying what you’re selling? Did you actually break through the atmosphere, or are you still stuck in orbit? You paid someone to make a campaign, but that doesn’t mean that it is producing results.

Google Adwords. Ads. For Google.

One of the most important components of search engine optimization is keyword use. Google Adwords allows advertisers to bid on keywords, using that bid in conjunction with the quality of their website and relevance of their keyword choice to determine which ad shows up first.

There might be thousands of businesses online that use the keyword “eyeliner”. But how does Google decide which lucky eyeliner associated business pops up when someone searches for eyeliner? By whoever has the highest ad ranking, which is determined through an equation of multiplying your bid per click by the quality of your ad and website. So if you’re paying dollars per click, you want to make sure every dollar you shell out for those clicks is worth it and converting to sales.

Make Google Work for YOU.

To make the most out of your advertising budget, there are a few crucial things to pay attention to:

    • Quality score! Probably one of the most important factors. Quality score is basically your report card. It’s dictated based off of how useful and relevant your ad is. Having a strong landing page and picking the correct keywords for your site largely determines your quality score. 


    • Proper use of keywords. You want to be sure that you are choosing the best keywords for your actual content. Paying $0.50 per click using a keyword of banana for an online shoe seller trying to sell a pair of yellow shoes probably isn’t the best idea. We can help make sure you are picking the most relevant keywords for your site.


  • Offering the right bid amount for the right keywords. The equation of determining what position ads show up is based on Google’s ranking criteria. It’s a mixture of having a relevant ad with good keywords, a strong website, and offering the right amount of cash to Google.

Google Ads is used more than any other advertisement service out there. Because of that, it’s crucial to adapt to the way the internet really works to make sure people are seeing you.

It’s Just Google.

Well yeah, but Google is everything. Seriously, no other website or search engine is more used worldwide than Google. Don’t even try to bring up Bing. Let it go. Everyone uses Google, so you have to as well! How else are you going to make your business blast off and take flight?

It’s just like if everyone who spoke English in the world now spoke French instead. You can’t keep speaking English, you have to learn French. You have to learn how to speak Google. What that translates to is learning how to efficiently use Google Adwords, and we can help make sure you’re doing just that!

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